2015 GGOB Challenge Game Minutes



First of all, I want to thank you drivers and dispatchers for how well you've all been handling the foul weather conditions this winter, especially the last two weeks. Bitter cold with shrinking space to operate due to no place to put all the snow, and you all are doing a great job and I thank you for that.


I also want to thank all the drivers, dispatchers and managers that have been able to participate in the GOTO Meetings we've held over the last few weeks. We've made a lot of progress The Great Game and we hope to continue that for the next week until we roll out the first Challenge game later this month.


Some of the notes from our meetings so far:


Critical Number:

-We need to get to the point in 2015 that we are measuring profitability/ truck, but we are not quite there yet.

-Revenue is the most critical number we need to move, and we only have so many trucks, so our critical number is Revenue / Truck.



Daily measurable that effect the critical number:

- Measure Average Load Size

- Measure available Manpower on a weekly basis.

- Measure Deadhead percentage.

- Measure average revenue / driver / week.



Things to stop doing:

- Accepting unsafe deliveries (Ultra-Mar Wilmington)

- Having traditional start times and customize to traffic conditions (5am 5pm doesn't work for everyone)



Things to start doing:

- Measure the Rev/ Driver

-Improved communications from drivers, mechanics and dispatchers up thru the organization.

- Updated Driver Reviews. Possible 360 evaluations.

- More cross training.

- Dispatchers to ride in the trucks

- Driver to spend time in dispatch.

- Review payload with VT CFI work.

- Listening to drivers/dispatchers more.

- Regional GOTO Meetings with drivers / sale sand dispatch to discuss revenue opportunities.

- More video testimonials to attract more drivers.

- Hire more weekend drivers.



Things we should continue to do:

- GOTO Meeting Safety meetings

- GOTO Meeting Challenge Game meetings

- The Commission system. Just need to educate new drivers.

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